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Your social media account might spell trouble in a divorce

During a divorce, you might find that you need to vent your anger. This is understandable, but you need to be careful about where you do this. The issue that might come up, especially during a contentious divorce, is that what you say on Facebook might be used against you.

It isn’t easy to think about having to limit yourself when you are on your own social media accounts. Still, it is better to show restraint and find other ways to reduce your stress.

Social media activity

There are a couple of different ways that social media can impact you. The first of these is that your ex might be able to show malice that you have toward him or her if you are saying mean things. In some cases, this could mean that your actions during the divorce are construed as ways to get even with your ex. This could be devastating in child custody cases.

The property division process is another area where you might suffer because of social media. If you claim that you don’t have assets, but you have pictures of you on a yacht posted on social media, the court might think that you hid assets. This could be a difficult thing for you to overcome in your divorce.

Even if you have your ex removed from being able to see your social media accounts, you still need to be careful. You never know who is watching your accounts on your ex’s behalf.

Other ways to reduce stress

Since you know not to vent on social media, you have to find other ways to cope with the stress. Talking to a trusted friend or family member, as long as you know they aren’t going to run and tell your ex what you said, might help. You can also turn to a confidential support group or therapist to help you find ways to cope with the stress.

You should make sure that you understand the divorce process since knowing what to expect might help. Be sure to take time for yourself and make plans to better your life. Knowing that you are actively taking steps to improve your future might help to reduce your stress level.

When you are going through a divorce, you need to make sure that you protect yourself and your interests. If you have children, you should work on protecting your children’s interests. All of this means that you will have to look carefully into each decision you make as you work through the divorce process.

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