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Personal injury claims can follow harm done by defective products

Many consumers in Mississippi have to deal with the consequences of dangerous, defective or malfunctioning products. However, they might not be aware that even perfectly functioning products can cause injuries for which the manufacturer might be responsible. General legal principles state that inadequate warnings or instructions on a product could render it defective if it causes personal injury.

The legal obligations of any manufacturer are two-fold. One is the requirement to provide a warning on the product if it has any hidden dangers. The second duty is to include instructions to inform consumers on how to avoid dangers and safely use the product. If adequate instructions and warning are omitted, the court might find that the product was not reasonably safe.

Victims can file product liability lawsuits in pursuit of damage recovery. For such claims to be successful, plaintiffs must convince the court that the product poses injury risks and that the manufacturer was aware of the danger. The victims must show that injuries occurred despite using the product in the intended, safe manner. It will also help the plaintiff’s case if it can be shown that the danger is not evident or obvious to a reasonable user.

Victims of dangerous products in Mississippi can pursue claims for financial relief to cover medical expenses and other economic damages along with emotional damages like pain and suffering, scarring, and more. However, this is a complicated field of the law. For that reason, most injured victims who want to file product liability lawsuits choose to seek the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.


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