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What factors affect truck accident rates?

Truck accidents are almost always severe due to the size of the vehicle. Whenever a truck and a passenger vehicle get into an accident in Mississippi, it is almost always the passenger vehicle who loses out. However, even without suffering the majority of the damage, truck accidents are very costly. They also are something everyone wants to reduce, but recent statistics, according to Work Truck Magazine, show larger trucks are having more accidents. 

This upward trend is alarming. Often when trying to get to a solution, it is important to look at the causes. Large truck accidents have many causes. The nature of the industry plays a large role. It puts a lot of pressure on drivers to be on time with deliveries and drive more miles. It is also a growing industry, so there are more trucks on the road, which will inevitably lead to an increased chance of accidents occurring.  

Drivers also have a lot of responsibility for accidents. Bad driving habits play a huge role in accidents. Not paying attention, using a cell phone behind the wheel, breaking road laws and driving when fatigued are all ways drivers contribute to the accident risks.  

The trucking industry and drivers, though, are not the ones who shoulder the majority of the blame for truck accidents. In fact, it is other drivers who cause the majority of truck accidents. Drivers of smaller vehicles simply do not know how to drive around large trucks. In general, they do not give them enough room on the road. They driver too close, cut them off and do not provide enough stopping distance. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 


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