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Intersections and motorcycle accidents

Riding a motorcycle is especially dangerous in certain areas and at certain times of the day. However, certain parts of the road pose a higher risk of a crash, such as intersections. We realize that many motorcyclists are involved in accidents that take place at intersections across the state. These accidents are particularly devastating when high speeds are involved or when a motorcyclist is directly struck by a vehicle that is much larger.

Motorcyclists are often caught off-guard when a driver hits them at an intersection. For example, when a reckless driver runs a red light and slams into a motorcyclist, the motorcyclist likely had little time to avoid the collision and in some cases had no idea that a vehicle was heading toward them. Upon impact, a motorcyclist will likely fall off of their motorcycle and many people involved in these crashes lose their lives or sustain major injuries.

Following a motorcycle collision caused by a careless driver, motorcyclists need to realize all of their legal options. Many are able to file a lawsuit in order to secure the benefits that they need to recover, and reckless drivers (such as those who drink and drive, ignore traffic lights or go over the speed limit) cannot get away scot-free. Our law office has covered many of the different challenges that injured motorcyclists face and some of the options that help them restore normalcy in their lives. Visit our accidents page to view more material that has to do with motorcycle crash injuries and the different options that are available to some victims.


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