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What is premises liability?

You may have heard of premises liability, but are you sure of the meaning? Knowing what you are and are not responsible for is an important part of owning any property. Not only does this help keep your visitors safe, but it can also help you avoid lawsuits for injuries sustained on your property.

Premises liability refers to the responsibility that you have as a property owner to keep your environment safe. If you fail to remove hazards that cause accidents to people on your property, you may be liable for their injuries.

When two parties are liable for injuries

In some cases, the person who sustained an injury on your property may be partially responsible. In these instances, the court will determine the fault of the injury as a percentage. According to Senate Bill 2091, you would only be liable for an amount equal to the percentage of fault you are responsible for. These types of situations stem from the idea that although you have a duty to keep your property hazard-free, your invitees also must exercise reasonable care while they are there.

When someone sustains injuries while committing a crime

People who sustain injuries while on your property with the intention to commit crimes are unable to hold you liable for their injuries, except for in certain circumstances. If a burglar robs your home, for example, and slips on ice on your driveway, they cannot sue you for damages. There are similar laws in place to protect landlords in Mississippi because a landlord typically has little control over their property once they rent it out.


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