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Studies find that shared custody is best for children

It is no secret that divorce or separation is tough on children. Most parents want to do what is best for their children during these difficult times and help them transition to a new lifestyle with ease. For this reason, it may be best for parents to create a parenting plan that shares custody as equally as possible, even if they are at odds with each other.

While many parents may think that having a child reside primarily in one place can help with stability, studies are coming out that show evidence to the contrary.

Parents who share custody have less stressed children

According to ScienceDaily, Stockholm University published the results of a 2017 study regarding children of divorce. The study clearly shows that children who share custody between both parents tend to feel less stress in their lives. The study points out that living with both parents becomes part of a stable routine for children and does not lead to a lack of stability as was once thought. Instead, having a relationship with both parents helps children to feel more secure, even if that means living between two houses.

Adding different factors into the equation

As found on The Institute for Family Studies website, children who experience joint custody while growing up almost always have better outcomes than children with sole custody parents. This is true even when factoring in different circumstances such as financial income and parental conflict. In fact, IFS points out that the negative effects of parental conflict seem to have less of an impact when the child has a strong relationship with both parents.


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