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Teens in a rising number of fatal Mississippi auto accidents

In Mississippi, road safety is a primary concern. Given the number of people who are injured or lose their lives in auto accidents, it is important to keep track of various statistics as to how and why these accidents happen in addition to who is increasingly involved. This is true whether it is a truck accident, a car accident, a motorcycle accident or a crash involving pedestrians or bicyclists. According to recent research, teens have been especially vulnerable to fatalities. This is a problem that law enforcement is taking steps to address.

Safety campaign seeks to reduce teen auto accidents

The numbers for teen road fatalities in Mississippi in 2020 are troubling with 70 such deaths. This is an increase of 21 from 2019 when there were 49. Also, Mississippi regularly appears in the top five when national totals are accumulated. The issue has become so concerning that the state highway patrol is using a safety campaign called Driving Requires Initiative Values and Education (D.R.I.V.E.). Distracted driving is believed to be a significant contributor to the spike in teen fatalities. Other causes include driving while impaired and failing to wear seatbelts.

D.R.I.V.E. is being promoted at schools, institutions of higher education, places of worship and civic organizations. The goal is to prevent collisions before they happen. Anecdotal evidence from teen drivers emphasizes how problematic distracted driving is. Teens say they are tempted to check their devices even when they know they should not. Troopers are using the campaign to encourage teens to understand the risks of distracted driving and behaviors that place them and others in jeopardy and avoid them.

Experienced advice may be helpful after a crash

Medical costs, lost income, rehabilitation and round-the-clock care are all possibilities after car accidents with injuries. When there is a fatality, there will be funeral costs and the untold emotional and personal impact that accompanies an unexpected death. When thinking about the future, it might be necessary to file a claim to recover a sufficient amount to cover for all that was lost and will be needed in the future. Insurance companies may make a settlement offer, but it will likely be limited to suit their interests. Consulting with a caring firm that understands how to pursue maximum compensation and investigate the cause of the auto accident may be crucial. This is the first step toward having guidance and advice in filing a successful claim.



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