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What are some tips to avoid divorce?

In our industry, we often get inquiries about how couples can avoid divorce. After all, if one is reading this blog, they are likely looking for these types of tips too. And, this blog will explore three of the top tips for helping couples avoid a divorce.

Be honest and upfront about the finances

One of the most cited reasons for divorce is money. Of course, an inability to discuss one’s finances may be a symptom of other issues, but financial honest can truly be life changing. Indeed, couples cannot solve financial issues they do not know, and hiding those problems can cause the other spouse to lose trust in a partner generally. Accordingly, sit down together and disclose everything as soon as possible. Then, couples can figure out a way to get through those issues together, as a team.

Life is hard, but it is much easier together

In the same grain as operating as a team to solve financial problems, couples should remember to support each other through life events as well. While many may think that a top reason for divorce is infidelity, not supporting one through life events is actually much more common. For example, major life disruptions, like illnesses, losses of job and deaths can wreak havoc on one’s life and test the marriage bond. When these events happen, it is important to embrace it and one’s spouse.

It is okay to ask for help

For some cultures, therapy can be a four-letter word. However, for those couple serious about saving their marriage, simply seeking counseling can be the single most important step couples can take. There is no shame or stigma attached to seeking help, especially during these times. A completely objective person can help couples work through issues, learn how to better communicate and can be immensely cathartic and therapeutic. And, many health insurance providers cover much, if not all, of the costs.

Of course, these steps will not work for every Gulfport, Mississippi, couple. But, before making the final decision to get a divorce, call an attorney. Divorce attorneys can walk one through the process, go over options and help one, or even a couple, decide whether divorce is the right next step.


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