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Do grandparents have visitation rights in Mississippi?

The bond between a grandparent and their grandchild is very different then that between a parent and their child. Grandparents often find that they are able to lavish affection on their grandchildren in ways that they could not when they are were raising their own kids. Across Mississippi, grandmothers and grandfathers relish the time that they get to spend with their beloved grandkids.

However, in some family law situations, grandparents lose access to their grandchildren. There are many reasons that parents may choose not to allow their children to have relationships with their grandparents; this post will not explore these considerations. Rather, this post will introduce readers to legal opportunities grandparents may have to establish visitation with their grandkids through the courts. No reader should interpret the contents of this post as legal advice. Any individual who wishes to pursue grandparent visitation may seek the counsel of a family law attorney in their community.

When can a grandparent petition for visitation with their grandchild?

There are certain circumstances when a grandparent may seek to establish legal visitation with their grandchild. For example, when a court terminates the parental rights of one of the child’s parents, the child’s grandparents may seek visitation time with them through the courts. Similarly, if one of a child’s parents dies, their grandparents may want to establish legal visitation so that they may maintain their relationship with them.

Grandparents do not always have to wait for such drastic events to occur to seek visitation time with their beloved grandchildren through the Mississippi courts. They may feel as though they are being prevented from seeing their grandchildren and that having access to their grandchildren supports those kids’ best interests. Courts, in these situations, will look at the type and quality of relationships that exist between grandparents and grandkids to determine if visitation should be awarded.

How does a grandparent go about seeking visitation time with their grandkids?

Visitation is a legal right that a grandparent may establish through the court system. To this end, a grandparent may need to file a petition with the correct court in their jurisdiction to initiate the visitation request process. There are many steps that must be met in order for a legal pleading to make it to court, and a grandparent who wishes to establish visitation rights with their grandchildren will need to be careful as they move their matter forward.

Not all individuals are prepared to go to court on family law matters on their own. Divorce and family law attorneys can be excellent sources of information, representation, and support for individuals in need. Grandparents often are willing to fight to maintain their relationships with their grandchildren. Attorneys can help them work toward their legal goals.


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