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Is this a traumatic brain injury?

Car crashes can have enormous physical impacts on the body, no matter what speed it happened at or how much damage a person thinks they sustained. It is common for victims to suffer from injuries to the spine, head and neck as well.

Some of these injuries to the head can have a particularly strong negative impact. These traumatic brain injuries (TBI) should get immediate medical attention, so it is crucial to recognize the potential signs that might indicate one.

Physical red flags

Mayo Clinic points out the signs that might indicate a traumatic brain injury. First, the victim will often display open physical signs that something is not right. They may slur their speech, have trouble standing, struggle to maintain their balance and have difficulty walking.

It is also possible that they may bleed from the ears or nose. A clear fluid may also drain from these places. This fluid – cerebrospinal fluid – surrounds the brain and helps provide nutrients along with cushioning it from severe blows.

Cognitive and behavioral disturbances

Cognitive disturbances will also appear quickly. A victim of a TBI may struggle to articulate their thoughts and have slow or slurred speech. They may seem confused or disoriented. They could also struggle with memory loss or disordered remembrance, not recalling where they are or how they got there.

Finally, temperamental or behavioral changes might indicate a TBI. This can include extreme or out-of-place emotional reactions, such as intense anger directed toward loved ones or breaking down due to an inability to handle stress.

Any of these signs could potentially point to a brain injury and should result in the victim seeking immediate care. This is the best way to prevent long-term damage from occurring.


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