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How do you make divorce easier?

Ending a marriage often brings a flood of emotions, and couples deserve to know how to navigate whatever feelings come to them. The right insights help spouses create a stable foundation for life after divorce.

Kiplinger shares practical tips for making divorce less complicated. Couples need not struggle with their feelings while dissolving their marriage.

Get support

Rather than feel they must handle their emotions alone, divorcing spouses deserve to know they may create a support group. Family, friends and other loved ones could help reassure them and provide a listening ear.

See a mental health expert

Going through a divorce may make a person feel anxious, stressed or depressed. Working with a mental health expert helps individuals make sense of their thoughts and emotions and respond to them healthily.

Engage in physical activity

Other than seeing a therapist, divorcing individuals may try exercising to cope with negative emotions. Physical activity releases endorphins, which elevate a person’s mood. Those who experience anger when thinking about dissolving their marriage could find exercise helps them release steam.

Create new memories

Spouses create fond memories throughout their relationship, both before and after marrying. After divorcing, former spouses deserve to focus on creating new, happy recollections that do not involve a former spouse. Making time and space for friends and family makes it easier to engage in new, positive experiences to look back on.

While horrible for most individuals, going through a divorce need not become a devastating life event without moments of levity and joy. With the right insights, divorcing partners help themselves to peace of mind.


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