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How can you recognize yourself as an alienated parent?

During a high-conflict divorce, you must keep the conflict away from the kids. Children fare better when adults attempt to keep their lives as stable and comfortable as possible. While it is normal for children to feel angry or upset following a divorce, they should not strongly identify with one parent more than the other for no reason.

If you fear that your children suddenly despise you, you could be a victim of parental alienation.

How do children behave under the influence of an alienating parent?

Sometimes kids do blame one parent more than the other for a divorce. The difference in parental alienation is that your kids will criticize you unjustly. They may have nothing good to say about you and even resist spending time with anyone except for the other parent. Often, one parent will feed them confidential information about the relationship or lie to make you seem like you do not care about them.

How can you heal your relationship after parental alienation?

Parental alienation is a form of child abuse. In some cases, removing the child from the alienating parent can help. In less severe cases, you can involve a judge to order your ex to stop talking badly about you and to abide by the visitation schedule and parenting plan. Additionally, you might want to work with a parenting coordinator to improve family communication.

When dealing with parental alienation, recognizing the early stages can make treatment more effective. In cases of severe parental alienation, reunification can cause harm because children see it as punishment. Often, therapists and mental health professionals can help parents formulate a plan to heal from parental alienation.


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