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Why is it so important to see a doctor after a car accident?

Going to the doctor right after a car accident might seem unnecessary if you do not feel injured. However, even if you feel no pain, you may need medical treatment.

After a car accident, choosing to forego medical treatment can have both physical and legal repercussions.

Hidden injuries can be serious

Even low-speed crashes can lead to injuries such as whiplash. Due to adrenaline, you might not notice the pain until later. Delaying treatment can lengthen your recovery time, so you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

A concussion can have serious long-term consequences, and you may not realize you have one until hours or days after the crash. A concussion can occur in a car accident even if you do not hit your head. This is because, in a motor vehicle collision, the force of the sudden stop can cause your brain to strike the inside of your skull.

Medical records are evidence

Mississippi follows a “pure contributory negligence” rule. This means that if the other driver’s negligence was a factor in your accident, you may be able to receive some compensation, even if the majority of the fault was yours.

In the event that you need to file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company, you will need as much evidence as possible. The insurance company will likely be looking for any reason to deny your claim, including a delay in seeking medical care. If you have medical documentation dating back to the date of the accident, you are more likely to be successful in your claim.

Remaining calm and taking the necessary steps after a car accident is not always easy. However, taking the appropriate precautions is essential for your health and can provide information you might need for an insurance claim.


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