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Who is liable for autonomous motor vehicle accidents?

Driverless technology is new, and development to improve it is ongoing. Laws regulating liability regarding motor vehicle accidents involving driverless cars are also evolving. It is therefore not surprising that many questions are asked about damage recovery after crashes in Gulfport and across Mississippi in which autonomous vehicles are deemed at fault.

You might be sharing a Mississippi roadway with a drunk driver

Driving in Mississippi or any other state is a lot more dangerous than it used to be. Whether you're an occasional driver or daily commuter, you've likely noticed more cars on the road today that typically travel at much greater speeds than they used to due to increased legal speed limits on many highways. Safely arriving to your driving destination can be quite challenging. Certain issues increase your risk for personal injury when you travel by motor vehicle, whether you're the driver or passenger.

Distracted driving is an expensive choice

When a person is distracted for any reason, he or she is significantly more likely to be involved in a car accident. Most of the time, distraction is the result of looking at a phone, texting or even scrolling through Facebook, but there are many other things that can occupy a driver's attention. Looking at billboards, adjusting the GPS, talking to a passenger and even eating can all be distracting.

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