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Are you protected if you collide with an uninsured driver?

You pay your motor vehicle insurance premium every month. Therefore, you expect to have adequate protection and coverage if you end up in a serious collision while driving. Many people don't understand that basic liability policies don't offer them any direct protection. Your motor vehicle policy won't repair your vehicle or pay for your medical bills. Instead, it covers any damages you are liable for if you cause a crash with another driver.

That means when another driver is responsible for a collision, your bills get paid by that person's insurance policy, not yours. If that other driver does not have an active insurance policy, however, that could leave you in a difficult situation. You may be unable to work and have medical bills stacking up.

Is a dog's owner responsible if their animal bites your child?

As a parent, you probably do everything in your power to protect your children. However, not everything in this world is under your control. You could take your child to play in a park, for a walk in your neighborhood or for a visit with a friend only to have your child seriously hurt by a dog bite.

Dog bites can cause all kinds of serious medical issues. The initial trauma of the bite may cause bleeding lacerations, broken bones or damaged tendons. The initial damages may be complicated by antibiotic-resistant infections like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Your child could require surgery to repair damaged tissue, plastic surgery to mitigate scars and many hours of therapy to address resulting emotional traumas and phobias. It's only natural to wonder who is responsible for all of those mounting expenses.

Financial health is imperative for women after a divorce

Your entire life changes when you go through a divorce. One of the areas that women may need to focus on during this time is their financial health. Women could be at a financial disadvantage in a divorce and its wake if they have grown accustomed to having their spouse's income or did not play a central part in household finances.

Overall, women earn less than men. Typically, women earn $.82 for every $1 men earn. This can make it harder for a woman to recover financially after the divorce. There are several points that you may want to think about if you are a woman trying to regain your financial health when your marriage ends.

Getting a co-parenting arrangement back on track is challenging

A co-parenting agreement isn't something that all divorced parents can do. This takes a lot of work and cooperation on the part of both adults. Still, many are willing to make that sacrifice so that their children can reap the benefits of having both parents involved in their activities.

There are issues that can creep up when you are having to work so closely with your ex. The answers to the problems might not always come easily. You and your ex might even disagree about the ideal solution for the conundrum. One thing is for certain -- you need to get the parenting model back on track if you are going to keep it up. Here are some pointers that you can use to get back to where you need to be:

3 treatments for lower spinal injuries

When you got hurt on the job, you hoped that you'd be able to return soon. The problem is that your pain level hasn't improved, and the spinal injury you suffer from isn't bad enough to commit to surgery. Despite that, your pain is bad enough that you need to find a solution to work the way you did before.

Spinal injuries have a potential to push on nerves, to cause the misalignment of the muscles, ligaments and tendons and to cause muscular issues. Fortunately, there are different treatments you can try that could help you get back to as normal a life as possible.

Negligence versus recklessness: The subtle differences

Several levels of fault are recognized by the law. These include negligence, recklessness, intentional misconduct and strict liability. In most cases involving car crashes, negligence or recklessness is the primary cause. This act of negligence or recklessness results in injuries to the victims who have a right to pursue a claim against the driver responsible.

The actions of a driver may be reckless or negligent depending on a number of factors like his or her speed, the intention to act in the reckless manner and other considerations. Here are a few things to know about the fault that resulted in your crash.

Women should do these things to best prepare for divorce

As a woman going through the divorce process, you are sure to have many questions on your mind.

In addition to the emotional toll that the process can take, you also need to look toward the future as it pertains to your finances.

These eye injuries are harmful to your sight

After a car crash, one of the injuries you may have to deal with is an eye injury. Not all eye injuries are easy to recognize right away. For example, a corneal abrasion may happen over time just by rubbing your eyes or you may have an infection that develops.

Whenever you're in a collision, it's important to seek medical help regardless of how you feel. You may find that you feel okay, but hours or days later after the adrenaline wears off, other symptoms may appear.

Be watchful for brain injury signs after a car crash

Car crashes can lead to a host of serious injuries. Some of these injuries can be life threatening. One very serious injury that occurs sometimes is a head injury.

Head injuries in a car crash can happen if you bang your head on the steering wheel or on the door. In some cases, you don't even have to hit your head on anything. It is possible to suffer a brain injury just by your head moving back and forth or side to side in a violent manner.

Your social media account might spell trouble in a divorce

During a divorce, you might find that you need to vent your anger. This is understandable, but you need to be careful about where you do this. The issue that might come up, especially during a contentious divorce, is that what you say on Facebook might be used against you.

It isn't easy to think about having to limit yourself when you are on your own social media accounts. Still, it is better to show restraint and find other ways to reduce your stress.