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How do I help our kids deal with our divorce?

It is a sad reality but thousands of marriages end in divorce in Mississippi and across the United States each and every year. Not only do these divorces heavily affect the adults who are coping with the situation, but also any kids who happen to be caught in the crossfire. Assisting your child through your divorce is likely one of your top concerns. Divorce can be difficult, but it can also be managed. One of the most important things to do, according to Parents Magazine, is not fight in front of the kids. 

Let us be realistic: nobody is expecting you to be best friends with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. It is highly likely that there are going to be some heated conversations throughout the divorce process (and perhaps after). Depending on the status of your divorce and the events that lead up to it, “heated” may even be an understatement. This is natural, but there is also plenty of evidence that shows kids who are constantly exposed to parental arguments through divorce tend to be comparatively poorly-adjusted. It is natural for emotions to run high during a divorce, but you want to keep your children out of it.

Another good tip is to refrain from saying anything overtly negative about your ex-spouse in front of the kids. This can be particularly difficult with older children, who may, on the surface, possess the maturity to understand your frustrations. However, it is important to remember that no matter how much anger you may have towards your ex-spouse, they are still your child’s other parent. Speaking about them at least neutrally will go a long way toward assisting your child through this difficult situation.


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