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What should businesses do to protect you from harm?

When you visit a business to shop in Mississippi, chances are you do not anticipate leaving with an injury. However, companies that do not prioritize the protection of their customers, can put you and others at risk of avoidable accidents. As such, it is their responsibility to implement protocols designed to assess the safety of their establishment to help you enjoy your experience without worrying about your well-being.

If you are the victim of an injury caused because liability was blatantly ignored until it became a dangerous hazard, you have the right to pursue legal action against the business responsible for the accident you were involved in. Your willingness to express your concerns and address the incident that changed your life may be able to prevent other customers from experiencing the same pain and discomfort that you have.

Forbes suggests that businesses should be proactive in keeping their premises free of hazards that could cause injury to you. Some of the things they should always be doing include the following:

  • Implement an efficient and noticeable method for warning you if there is a hazard such as wet or slippery floors.
  • Assess potential hazards and complete scheduled inspections to verify that conditions are safe for you.
  • Proactively correct potential dangers immediately upon recognizing them or being informed of their presence.

Your effort to behave responsibly and report any concerns to a company’s management if you detect a visible danger is also important to preventing hazards from causing injury to you or others.

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