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How can you avoid outdoor slip and falls?

Many medical problems can come from slipping and falling on hazards outside. 

In order to better avoid painful incidents or potential lawsuits, it is best to know what precautions to take. 

Visibility at night 

For dark places, it is especially important to be proactive when putting up lights. Cracks or holes in a surface where people can trip could cause someone to seriously hurt a limb, if not worse. Having some sort of visible light shining over an area when it is dark at night helps to remedy any worries about unexpected injuries. 

Walkways and buildings 

One of the most crucial spots for slip and fall incidents are typically sidewalks. These situations arise from the result of bad weather, especially in the winter. Although you do not have the same legal need to clear most public sidewalks of any hazards, some sidewalks may count as the business’s responsibility. This usually occurs when customers use it frequently to travel to one specific business. 

In a heavy snowfall or in the case of ice freezing on the commonly used paths on your property, it is important to shovel frequently. The owners of a lot are liable even if the slip occurs even after you have shoveled, such as when a sheet of water drips down from a gutter and refreezes. 

Parking lots 

When examining common areas for people to fall, parking lots are one of the most prominent ones. It is important to continually maintain a safe and even surface to walk on. This also counts for differences in height between areas. Someone walking along could easily miss a short but steep drop and sustain severe injuries. 

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