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Financial survival during a divorce

Financial matters are among the biggest issues that arise during divorce. While the settlement will deal with property division, alimony and child support, it does not address how you will afford your expenses during the divorce process. Because the divorce ties up many of your assets and you have additional costs during this time, you may struggle to stay on track.

USA Today reports that this issue often catches people off guard because they never stop to think about the changes with finances that come in the early days of a divorce. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to help you through this without ending up in a financial disaster.

Create a budget

The first thing you must do is create a new budget. You may already have one for life before the divorce, but you will need to make adjustments for life as it is now. You probably have less income and more expenses. You have to know what your new financial situation is before you can handle it, and a budget is the best way by which to obtain that information.

Outline future changes

As you move through the divorce, you may have to undergo changes that affect your finances. Look ahead and make note of these things. For example, you may need to sell your home and find a new place to live. With your budget in hand, calculate out how much you can afford and begin exploring your options. Planning ahead can make it much easier to fit a change into your budget.

Make adjustments

Your current income, liabilities and spending can shed a light on your future and help you adjust your budget, reducing your expenses and making up for losses. This is also a good time to develop a list of assets you want in the settlement, as anticipating the outcome can help you start developing a budget and financial plan for after the divorce.


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