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Determining child custody in Mississippi

The custody and care of children are often paramount concerns for parents during divorce proceedings. In order for parents to emerge from their legal matters with sound orders and agreements that cover the custody of their kids, they must understand what, under the law, courts look at when seeking answers to these questions. This informational post should not be read as advice and all questions about child custody in Mississippi should be directed to dedicated family law attorneys.

The best interests of the child

At the heart of child custody hearings are the best interests of the kids whose lives are affected by their parents’ separations or divorces. There is no one fit for custody for all children; child custody plans must be tailored to meet the unique needs of children. Courts can look at how the parents support and provide for their kids, the educational and health needs of the children, and many other factors to determine where a child will thrive after their parents end their marriage.

Understanding joint custody

In Mississippi, courts can award custody to both of a child’s parents. This is called joint custody. Both parents under a joint child custody arrangement have the opportunity to have their child live with them and have the right to be involved in the important decision-making processes that concern them. Joint custody can serve the interests of kids when parents work together and support the needs of their shared children.

Custody agreements and orders

For some Mississippi parents, it is not possible to work together to create parent-driven child custody agreements for their kids. Instead, they may turn to the courts to have judges decide how best to meet their children’s post-divorce needs. For those who can respectfully interact, agreements about child custody may be possible to create. When discussing roads to child custody determinations, it is important individuals talk to their family law attorneys.



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