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Preparing for the holidays post-divorce

The holiday season is fast approaching in Gulfport, but if you divorced in 2020 this holiday season may be unlike any you had before, especially if you have children. For this reason, it is important to consult your child custody order so you can prepare for the holidays and make them special for your child.

Consult your child custody order

When you divorced, it is likely that you included a holiday schedule in your child custody order. For example, you may have your child in your care on Christmas Eve, and your ex may have your child in their care on Christmas Day. It is important to review these plans to ensure they are still feasible. If for some reason you believe you will be unable to follow the holiday schedule and you wish to modify it, it is important to file your motion with the court as soon as you can to avoid any last minute surprises or disagreements.

Respect your ex’s time with your child

The holidays are an emotional time, especially if you are not on good terms with your ex. However, for the sake of your child, it is important to be civil. Avoid badmouthing your ex in front of your child and respect your ex’s time with your child by ensuring you are on time for drop-off and pick-up times. If you do not have a good relationship with your ex, you can always choose to communicate via text message or email, rather than having to speak to them face-to-face.

Create new traditions

The holidays post-divorce may look different, but they can also be a time to start new traditions. You can create happy memories with your children, as can your ex, even though you are no longer married. Ultimately, children thrive when they have security and stability throughout the year, and especially during holidays that focus on family. By being civil and respectful, you can help your child adjust to the new normal post-divorce.



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