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What are the types of child custody in Mississippi?

When parents in Mississippi separate or divorce they have to figure out how to share custody and responsibility of their children. In Mississippi there are a few different child custody arrangements that can be made between the parents. Parents can either reach their own agreement on their own or a judge can decide.

Sole legal custody

If a parent receives sole legal custody that parent can make major decisions for their children without consulting with the other parent.

Joint legal custody

Joint legal custody is the custody that most judges prefer to award. Both parents have the legal right to make decisions about their children.

Sole physical custody

Even if a parent is awarded sole physical custody it doesn’t mean the other parent will not see their child. Typically, a noncustodial parent will receive one evening visit each week, substantial summer visits, and an overnight visit every other weekend.

Joint physical custody

Most custody arrangements in Mississippi have joint physical custody. This can take many different forms. Parents who have joint physical custody will spend ample time with their child, but it doesn’t necessarily mean equal time. One parent may have the child for four nights each week and another parent may have the child for three nights. A child should have frequent, meaningful contact with both parents.

A legal professional who is skilled in child custody can help a parent through custody and visitation issues. They understand that these issues can get heated and having someone on your side can be important. An attorney can effectively explore options and pursue whatever is in their client’s best interest. The right lawyer can ensure a parent’s rights and the relationship with their children is protected.


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