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The last year and a half was hard on marriages, not divorce rates

For those of us that are married, for most, this last year and a half have been, in a word, crazy. And, for anyone that watches or reads the news, relationship experts continually told us that these crazy times would lead to crazy divorce rates. But, while we can all agree these times are testing our marriages, it has not led to a spike in divorce rates. In fact, in a stunning bit of news, the divorce rates have actually plummeted to historic lows.

What might be happening

We have all heard about the unprecedented issues facing married couples right now, including financial, childcare, familial and marital issues. And, there are many ways to deal with those issues. The relationship and marriage experts thought this would lead to a divorce spike. After all, traditionally, divorce rates go up during economic downturns. But, for some couples, they took this time to really think about what they want out of life and have those frank, honest conversations that many couples put off having until it is too late. For these couples, they have likely grown closer. In addition, surviving turbulent times can bring couples together through a shared trauma and survivorship. For those couples, they have been brought closer together as well.

Why this divorce lull may be a mirage

Though, what about those couples that this past year and a half was torture? What about those couples that want to call it quits? Surely, it is at least the normal number of couples that want a divorce each year, but the divorce rate historic lows seem to indicate that that is not the case. But, this lull may simply be a mirage because those unhappy couples may just be putting off their decoupling until times get better. For example, they may be waiting for the kids to go back to school in person, for one or both spouses to get back to work or they may just be waiting for a better home market to transition into two separate spaces. Accordingly, while the divorce rates for 2020 and 2021 may be at historically low rates, for those couples that are waiting, the numbers will likely begin going higher in 2022.

What to do if divorce is still an option

For those Gulfport, Mississippi, couples that want a divorce, but simply do not think now is the right time, call an attorney. One should not put off their happiness for a more convenient time. That more convenient time may never come, and if it does, how long into the future with it be. An attorney can go over one’s situation to figure out when and if it is the right to divorce.


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