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Traffic accidents involving bicyclists and pedestrians

On the road, you face many different hazards, especially if you walk or ride a bicycle near traffic. In comparison to those riding in vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians have an especially high chance of suffering a serious injury when an accident happens. Sadly, many bicyclists and pedestrians cannot work or enjoy various aspects of their lives as a result of serious injuries sustained in traffic accidents.

If a reckless driver caused you or someone in your family to become hurt, you need to take a firm stand for your rights and hold them answerable.

Statistics on bicyclist and pedestrian accidents

The Federal Highway Administration reports that every year, 48,000 bicyclists and 65,000 pedestrians suffer injuries in traffic accidents. Moreover, bicyclists and pedestrians account for 16% of all traffic deaths. Every year, roughly 800 bicyclists and 5,000 pedestrians lose their lives in traffic accidents. The FHA also points out that these figures have increased in recent years.

Risk factors associated with bicyclist and pedestrian accidents

These accidents continue to occur for a wide variety of reasons. For starters, some drivers fail to abide by traffic safety guidelines, such as those who drink and drive or use their phones behind the wheel. Some drivers also speed, which makes it especially difficult to notice and avoid pedestrians and bicyclists.

In addition, many of these accidents occur when visibility is poor and on busy roads in urban locations. Drivers should keep an eye out for those walking and riding on the road, especially at intersections and crossing areas. You should also watch out for erratic drivers when walking or riding a bike.

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