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Report shows the costs and recovery of a serious dog attack

Dog bites may range from close calls to catastrophic injuries or even death. Each of them merits closer investigation to rule out certain factors like total harm, infection or rabies.

While one dog bite may result in injury and trauma, a pack of dogs worsens the potential results. As WAFF 48 reports, a woman attacked by a pack still remains in a Mississippi hospital as she undergoes surgeries and continues to recover.

The original encounter

A woman survived a dog attack in Red Bay, Mississippi. The attack prompted an investigation that resulted in that same pack of dogs killing a state worker. The owner of the dogs now faces manslaughter charges.

The aftermath and recovery

The hospital measures include skin grafts in multiple places as well as muscle grafts. There is a possibility of amputation. The woman’s family lives three hours away but continues to try their best to have someone near her through her recovery.

The cost and recuperation

While every surgery and every day in the hospital continues to rack up medical debt, the woman faces long months or years of emotional trauma to sort through. According to the reports, the situation is complex and finding someone responsible for the costs may be difficult considering the owner of the dogs may go to prison over her manslaughter charges regarding the other attack.

Dog bites are serious and no attack is exactly the same. When it comes to navigating these complex situations, it is best for people to understand how their situation applies to the law and the best option for pursuing fair compensation.


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