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What are the most common slip-and-fall injuries?

Aside from vehicle crashes, slip-and-fall events are the most common cause of accidental injuries.

Slip-and-fall accidents often result in more than just a scraped knee. Here are four of the most common injuries.

1. Head injuries

If you fall and hit your head, you should seek medical attention immediately. A concussion will only take a short time to heal. However, if the result of the fall is a traumatic brain injury (TBI), you could face life-changing repercussions.

2. Back injuries

Many people fall backward when a slip disrupts their center of gravity. The resulting back injury could be mild but aggravating, such as a pulled muscle. On the other hand, a hard fall could produce a spinal cord injury (SCI), which requires immediate medical treatment. Partial or total paralysis is common with SCI and often requires life-long rehabilitation.

3. Broken bones

If you break a bone during a slip-and-fall event, you will probably realize it immediately since even a minor fracture can be painful. One of the more complex injuries of this type is a broken shoulder, often resulting from a forward fall. A shoulder injury frequently requires surgery followed by physical therapy. An injury might affect the neural network that links your shoulder, arm and hand to the spinal cord.

4. Soft tissue injuries

You will not be able to see a soft tissue injury and you may not even feel it for days after your slip-and-fall accident. Such an injury could cause an ankle sprain, at the very least, or a serious ligament tear. Once again, you need prompt medical attention since left untreated, a soft tissue injury can result in chronic pain. As with this or any other injury resulting from a slip and fall, a negligent property owner could be liable for your accident and owe you compensation for your medical costs and more.


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