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Divorce and getting ready to pay child support

If you have children and you want to get a divorce or find yourself involved in the process currently, it is pivotal to carefully evaluate various issues. For example, you should take a look at child support, especially if you expect to owe payments. You should review factors that can impact your child support obligations, the importance of staying current and the penalties for missing payments.

Furthermore, you should take a look at your payment options if you will owe support as a non-custodial parent.

Child support payment methods in Mississippi

The Mississippi Department of Human Services covers the different ways non-custodial parents can pay child support in this state. Many parents have child support taken out of their paychecks through payroll deduction, but this is not possible for every parent and there are other ways to make payments.

Parents can also pay support by mailing a money order or check to the state. Additionally, you can pay child support online or use cash to pay at a number of approved retail locations around the state.

Staying current on child support payments

You should do everything in your ability to pay support on time and prevent falling behind. In order to avoid serious penalties such as license suspension, the revocation of your passport and even incarceration, you need to plan ahead and ensure that you set aside enough money to satisfy your obligations.

Child support can cause a significant amount of uncertainty and anxiety, and it is pivotal to make sure that you prepare for these obligations during the divorce process.


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