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3 common causes of rear-end car accidents

Even though today’s cars, trucks and SUVs are more technologically advanced than ever before, car accidents remain exceedingly common in the U.S. Among all possible types of accidents, rear-end collisions happen most frequently.

In fact, according to The National Law Review, rear-end crashes account for almost 30% of all motor vehicle accidents. These accidents happen for only a few different reasons, though. Here are three common causes of them.

1. Inclement weather

As you know, your car’s tires have less traction on wet, snowy and icy pavement. If you are not careful, your vehicle might slide into the back of another one. While this is particularly true at intersections, it can happen anywhere.

2. Distracted driving

By now, all drivers should know just how risky it is to drive without paying attention to the driving task. Still, distracted driving seems to be as common as ever. Put simply, though, if you divert your attention for even a few seconds, you are likely to be at increased risk of smashing into the rear of another vehicle.

3. Tailgating

All cars on the road need sufficient space to maneuver safely. If you follow the car in front of you too closely, you might not have ample time to slow down and stop before hitting it. Remember, it is usually incumbent on the following driver to stop before rear-ending the car in front of him or her.

Ultimately, though, to know whether you might be eligible for financial compensation for the injuries you suffer in a rear-end accident, it is imperative to understand exactly how the crash unfolded.


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