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Getting divorced as a couple without children

Every divorce is unique, and it is essential to review your circumstances before approaching the end of your marriage. According to the CDC, over 630,500 couples in 45 states and D.C. got a divorce in 2020. Many married couples have kids, which can lead to stressful legal issues such as child support and child custody (not to mention concerns about how divorce could affect children). If you do not have children, you could have an easier time during the divorce process.

However, even when couples get divorced and children are not involved, many different stressors and obligations can arise, such as the division of marital property, alimony and difficulty adjusting to life without one’s spouse.

Childless couples and divorce

In some instances, a spouse’s inability or unwillingness to have children can contribute to the breakdown of a marriage. For example, if you want kids and your marital partner has no interest in becoming a parent, this could cause friction in the relationship. On the other hand, perhaps you cannot have children and your spouse has informed you that they do not want to stay in the marriage for this reason.

When marriages fall apart due to disagreements and difficulties over having children, this can prove especially upsetting from an emotional point of view.

Approaching divorce without kids

Sometimes, married couples realize that the marriage is not working out before they become parents. Fortunately, you could have an easier time during the divorce process if kids are not involved. Your divorce could become finalized sooner and you could avoid emotional disputes over child custody, exiting the marriage without concerns over child support. That said, you could face many other obstacles and stressors in your divorce, and it is critical to take a careful approach and safeguard your future, even if children are not in the picture.


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