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Reviewing different types of distracted driving

Drivers become distracted for countless reasons, and those who divert their attention from the road significantly increase the chances of an accident. In a matter of seconds, a vehicle can cover a significant amount of ground, and distracted drivers could find themselves unable to avoid a collision. It is essential for drivers to review the different ways in which distracted driving occurs and remain alert and focused behind the wheel at all times.

Sadly, some drivers disregard the risks associated with distracted driving and place lives in danger.

Examples of visual distractions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention covers distracted driving, which takes various forms. Visual distractions can interfere with driving abilities in different ways, whether a driver stops looking at the road to see something in their vehicle, look at a billboard, check their hair in the mirror or read a message on their phone.

Even when drivers divert their eyes briefly, a devastating accident could take place.

Manual and cognitive distractions

Drivers also lose focus due to manual distractions, such as taking their hands off of the wheel to adjust the volume, eat, type a message on their device or pick something up. It is important for drivers to remember that cognitive distractions can also cause people to divert their attention from the road, increasing the chances of a collision.

When a distracted driver causes an accident because of their failure to pay attention to the road, victims who suffer injuries due to their carelessness deserve justice.


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