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Child support arrears and your U.S. passport

Whether you recently became involved in the divorce process and anticipate child support obligations or you have paid support for many years, you need to understand the penalties that you could face if you do not stay current. Child support arrears can cause significant problems that affect your finances, freedom and even your ability to leave the country.

In fact, if you do not stay current on child support obligations, it could impact your U.S. passport privileges.

Unpaid child support resulting in passport denial

The Administration for Children and Families covers passport denial because of back child support. The ACF says that if you owe $2,500 or more in arrears, the government refuses to process your application for a U.S. passport. In order to process your application in a normal manner, you have to pay arrears first. Once you have made suitable payments, the government will clear your name.

Back child support and the revocation of your passport

Not only does the government refuse to process passport applications as a result of unpaid child support, but they could also revoke your current passport if you fall behind on payments. If you give your passport to an embassy in order to add pages, change your name or repair your passport, they could revoke it if you owe child support arrears.

From a business trip to a vacation you have spent a considerable amount of time planning, do not let unpaid child support interfere with your passport and your ability to leave the U.S.


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