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What is the Mississippi Access and Visitation Program?

Divorced parents can have difficulty settling issues concerning their child, especially if their circumstances affect how they honor their custody and visitation arrangements. These issues can cause disputes between parents, making it difficult for them to collaborate and compromise.

Fortunately, Mississippi’s Access and Visitation Program (MAV-P) caters to these needs by providing services that help parents resolve their custody-related concerns. It has multiple objectives, including the following:

  • Help noncustodial parents reasonably maintain relationships with their children based on the court order or divorce decree.
  • Provide valuable aid concerning visitation agreements.
  • Give parents access to information about custody and visitation topics.
  • Meet the needs of parents who have existing child support cases in Mississippi.

Achieving these goals could benefit the children.

What are the services under the MAV-P?

This program makes the following services accessible to parents:

  • Mediation – Sessions can happen as virtual or in-person conferences taken voluntarily by the involved parents or as ordered by the court.
  • Parenting plan development – The program can assist noncustodial parents in seeking more parenting time with their children.
  • Education for parents – Some parents may be unaware of specific procedures, regulations and other essential visitation-related topics. The program provides workshops and classes, whether taken voluntarily or required by the court.

The MAV-P helps parents focus on what is most important: their children’s best interests.

Equipping parents to meet their children’s needs

The MAV-P aims to give children the care they need by ensuring their parents have the tools to do so. Sometimes, they need mediation to settle disputes or information about the court process. Access to these services and resources could help parents navigate life during and after divorce. With some help, they can work together and make informed decisions for the sake of their children.


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