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5 tips for announcing your divorce to family

Divorce is a challenging and emotionally charged experience that can have a profound impact on not just the couple involved but also the parents, children and other relatives. Communicating this decision to everyone requires sensitivity.

Fortunately, a sensible approach to announcing your divorce need not be a mystery.

1. Choose a suitable setting

When preparing to share the news of your split, select a setting that provides privacy and minimizes distractions. This will allow for open communication without unnecessary interruptions.

2. Ensure each partner is present

Having both spouses deliver the announcement sends a message that the decision is mutual. Such a display of unity can help prevent speculation about the circumstances leading to the divorce.

3. Be honest and direct

Provide a clear and straightforward explanation of the situation without placing blame. Emphasize that your conclusion is the result of careful consideration.

4. Consider the emotional impact

Recognize that the news could elicit a range of emotions. Be prepared for shock, sadness or even anger. The fallout can be particularly difficult for teenagers, who become three times more likely than those in homes with married parents to need psychological counseling. Give your loved ones the time and space to process the information and express their feelings.

5. Address concerns and questions

Be open to speaking on any sensitive issues that may come up, and encourage a frank exchange. Deliver information about the practical aspects of the divorce that may affect those taking this all in.

Telling relatives that you are getting a divorce deserves careful planning and consideration. With a dash of forethought, you can navigate this moment with enough empathy and compassion to soften the blow.


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