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What are some dangers of road rage?

While sharing the road with an angry driver, your first instinct may be to retaliate or become just as angry in return. It may seem as if these actions do not pose a serious threat to you or your safety.

However, road rage is more than a temporary inconvenience. Learning about the dangers of this phenomenon is important for anyone dealing with erratic drivers.

Ignoring road rules

According to NBC News, people who experience bouts of anger may choose to drive through stop signs or red lights. Not only does this put passengers in the car at risk, but it also leads to life-threatening injuries for drivers around them when collisions happen. Overcrowded roads are often centers for these kinds of accidents.

Road rage can lead to someone cutting off someone in the middle of a lane or highway. This recklessness makes it easier for drivers to ram another car or escalating the situation. In extreme situations, this escalation can include someone exiting the vehicle and trying to attack another person with a weapon.

Distracting others

Even if it is something as simple as honking a horn or flashing high beams, someone with road rage can cause a major distraction while driving. Looking away from the road for more than a short period of time can lead to an accident.

These signs of annoyance are far more dangerous than they first appear. Tailgating, or following closely behind someone else, is one common way accidents occur. The combination of excessive speeding and lack of control over the vehicle is deadly. Knowing when to avoid risky drivers is important for anyone on the road.


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