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Do Not Rush Through Your Car Accident Settlement

If you suffered serious injuries in a car accident in Mississippi, an insurance company may be actively trying to get you to agree to a settlement. It is important to know that the insurance adjuster is not keeping your best interest at heart. You need an attorney who you can be sure is looking out for you and your loved ones.

Insurance adjusters are known for trying to move things along quickly. You might think that this is to your benefit, as the sooner you get paid, the better. However, this is not the case. We at The King Law Firm, PLLC, know what it takes to take on insurance companies, and we have extensive experience in negotiating with them.

We Can Keep Insurance Companies Honest

After your injury, an adjuster will try to get a recorded statement from you, which they can use to try to avoid paying you. They ultimately want to shift liability onto you. Before you give any kind of a statement, have an aggressive lawyer at your side to help keep you from losing your compensation.

We know how to negotiate with insurers, and we always strive to obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries. If you need help paying for medical expenses or are unable to work, our lawyer is ready to stand by your side.

Put Up Your Best Fight For Your Recovery

We have extensive experience in serving the community surrounding our Gulfport office. Recovering from a car or truck accident is challenging enough as it is, you should not have to worry whether you are going to get enough compensation to cover your expenses. Contact us by calling 228-206-5935 today to schedule a consultation.