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What are the top causes of crashes?

A car crash may range in severity from a mild fender bump to a fatal collision. The cause of the accident may determine the outcome.

Avoiding an accident may come down to restraint and following the rules of the road that everyone knows well. The leading causes of crashes have remained unchanged over recent years, and most involve operator error.

What are the top causes of car accidents?

Drivers have a duty to do what is necessary to protect themselves and others while out on the road. Since the top reasons for car crashes involve operator error or poor judgment, many accidents may prove avoidable.


Roads have a set speed limit based on what experts consider safe for the terrain and population. Speeding, however, remains a top cause of car accidents. When drivers go faster, it makes it difficult to stop if needed or make corrections if something comes in their travel lane. Some speed-related crashes only involve a single vehicle going off the road but may prove fatal.


Drivers who give in to the temptation to check email or answer text messages may do so, diverting their eyes for only a few seconds. It does not take long for drivers to make a fatal mistake. Leaving the phone out of reach and minimizing other in-car distractions may help drivers focus on the remaining safe.


Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs continues to result in car accidents. Drivers who believe they have only had a drink or two and are safe to drive put others at risk. Buzzed driving has risen, and with it, so have associated crashes.

Getting from Point A to B is the primary goal of every driver. A preventable crash had someone taken safety seriously may result in severe injuries for all involved.


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